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Monday, November 07, 2011

2009 Teso'aria Attila

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The Teso'aria Attila was the people's choice at 2011 World of Wine Festival. This dark clear wine of 100% Barbera has a nose that makes it hard to stop sniffing and start sipping. This has a beautiful nutty, blackberry pie nose that keeps drawing you back for another sniff. Attila has a complex nose that keeps changing and improving throughout the glass.  The Palate show a wonderful dark fruit that follows the nose with layers of vanilla , bing cherry then a well-defined middle acid that then blends into a smooth lingering finish that just plays across the tongue and makes it hard to say anything other than..."ummm".


Score: 95
Cost: $ 40
Wine Type: Barbera, Southern Oregon, Umpqua Valley
Posted By: Tim Morton  & Ted Weldon @ 9:11:37 AM


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