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Sunday, April 03, 2011

2008 Cowhorn Syrah 74

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The Cowhorn Syrah from 2007 was my favorite Syrah from that vintage in Southern Oregon.  The 2008 Syrah 74,(74 for the number of days of frost at the vineyard), may eclipse that.  I tasted this right after it was released last year and I think it has improved since then.  This bottle was at room temperature and allowed to breath for 30 minutes before tasting.  
The wine is a deep dark purple, light barely filters through it is so dense. The nose is effusive, earthy and dark berry fruit, roasted meats , tobacco and cedar.  This nose reminds me of a well aged Cote-Rotie, something hard to achieve this far from the Rhone.  The palate is a sweet blast of fruit, raspberry and strawberry with a great acidic, tannic finish.  The wine is in perfect balance it will be in harmony by itself or with any rich food .  It will even get better with more bottle age, but I doubt if I can wait that long. 

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Score: 94
Cost: $ 35
Wine Type: Syrah, Southern Oregon,Rogue Valley, Applegate Valley
Posted By: Ted Weldon @ 12:00:00 AM


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